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Niccole Sarumi, MBA

CEO and President

Licensed Insurance Professional

Insure Me Now-Niccole is comprised of independent- non-captive agents, all over the United States who truly understand the value of life insurance protection and the impact it has on families. These financial professionals seek to provide stability and security for your family after you're gone. We don't sell our own insurance; but rather, we partner with top insurance carriers, so you are truly able to get the product that best fits your unique needs. We provide insurance options in all 50 states so regardless of where you live, there are affordable coverage options near you! Our Agents have a passion for putting your family first. It's not just a name, It's our entire identity. Helping families is our #1 priority.

- Niccole Sarumi


Insure Me Now-Niccole provides the resources for our client's growth and success

Mortgage Protection:

Mortgage protection insurance is a resource to help protect one of your most valuable assets in the event of a death. Some term policies are designed to give you a full return of premium if you outlive the policy. In the event of death, the mortgage will be paid in full, so your family can keep the house and all its memories.

Final Expense:

Final Expense insurance will cover you for entire life. Prices are locked and will never increase throughout the duration of your policy. These types of policies are designed to make sure all funeral and other end of life expenses are covered. Living benefits are also included at no additional cost, including chronic illness & terminal illness.

Index Universal Life:

Offers permanent life insurance with tax free death benefits, cash value accumulations & income tax free policy loans/withdrawals. Additionally, the policies offer unique options to change the premium amount to what works best for your budget/saving investment strategy.

Fixed Index Annuities:

This is a safe way to participate in the market's gain while avoiding potential loses and keeping your retirement secure. You will have the opportunity to create your own private pension plan that you cannot outlive. Annuities are guaranteed reliable income, tax deffered growth and flexible income options.


Insure Me Now-Niccole is designed to offer a wide variety of life, health & sickness products from a long list of top-rated carriers in the country. This allows our agents to help families find the best products to meet their unique needs.


Insure Me Now-Niccole makes the families we protect and the families of our agents our number one priority.

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