Customized Medicare solutions to fit your unique needs.

Medicare Solutions To Fit Your Needs

The various Medicare supplemental policies can become confusing to understand. Have no fear, we are here to help you sort it out. By answering a few simple questions, we'll build a health care profile to show you which Medicare solutions best fit your specific healthcare needs.

Medicare Supplement plan may be right if you:

  • You have or are planning to enroll in Original Medicare (Parts A and B).
  • You want more coverage than Part A and Part B can provide.
  • You’d rather pay a monthly, predictable bill than have to pay out a large lump-sum payment for a unexpected medical expense.
  • You want the flexibility to see any medical provider who accepts Medicare — and you want to see them without a referral.
  • You like the flexibility and control of buying a separate dental and vision plan.
  • You want the option to travel the world with the confidence you will be covered.
  • You want the peace of mind in knowing that your insurance can’t ever be cancelled, as long as you don’t miss a premium payment.


Medicare Supplement (also known as Medigap) covers things that original Medicare policies may not, like copays, deductibles, and coinsurance. It does all this with a steady, predictable, monthly bill that is budget-friendly. The policy can be renewed and active as long as you pay your premium on time.

It's not the best solution for you if:

  • You are not planning on enrolling in Original Medicare (Parts A and B).
  • Your employer or your union help cover costs that Part A and Part B don’t cover.
  • You have Medicare Advantage (Part C) or are about to sign up for it.

A Dental plan may be right if:

  • You have Medicare health insurance that does not include dental coverage
  • You’re not covered through an employer or you've recently retired and are left without dental coverage
  • You're thinking about switching your coverage if your dental policy isn't meeting your specific health needs


Good dental care is vital to your overall health. You know that. But do you know Medicare doesn't cover dental services? That means dental bills for things like routine cleanings, fillings, crowns, bridges, dentures, cosmetic services, and root canals have the potential to take a large bite out of your savings.

Our Insurance Options

Your dental needs and budget are specific to you. So when it comes to dental insurance, you have choices. We want to make sure you get coverage that’s right for you.

A Vision plan may be right if you:

  • Need to cover or cut the cost of eye exams and medical eye care.
  • Need to save money on eyeglasses, contact lenses and even vision correction surgery like LASIK.


An annual eye exam is much more than just monitoring healthy vision. It can help identify the early signs of serious health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. We offer a vision plan that compliments your health insurance plan. Our vision plans deliver savings on eye examinations, eyewear, and Lasik surgery.


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